Environmental Support Services

Environmental Support Services is a quality assured, cleaning, recycling and maintenance company that offers a 24/7 service to commercial customers. We offer a range of complementary services which, unlike other cleaning companies, are fully integrated. As well as the cleaning, waste management and recycling schemes, we can provide the supply of janitorial and portering staff. We are an ISO9001:2000 registered company, providing customers with guaranteed quality; we are also ISO:14001 registered, giving you documented environmental assurance. Our mission is to provide high quality service specifically tailored to customers’ needs, but without incurring excessive costs.

Company: Environmental Support Services

Address: George Broom
Environmental Support Services
Sondes Place Farm

Telephone: 01306 740743
Fax: 01306 884147

Email: info@cleanest.co.uk
Web: www.ess.eu.com