Dorking Physiotherapy Clinic

Dorking Physiotherapy Clinic has quickly established itself as one of the top Physiotherapy Clinics in the area, a trusted treatment provider for local general practitioners, leading surgeons, insurance companies as well as national and local sports clubs. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapists are able to amend and treat a wide variety of injuries. These injuries range from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, slipped disk, trapped nerve, muscle tears as well as more minor aches and pains. DPC is situated in Dorking Sports Centre and as a result our patients have access to excellent rehabilitation equipment, top fitness trainers and sports instructors.

Company: Dorking Physiotherapy Clinic
Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Backpain

Address: Meera Siva & Sam Bowden,
Dorking Physiotherapy Clinic,
Dorking Sports Centre,
Reigate Road,
Dorking RH4 1SW

Telephone: 01306 876072